SilverTip Energy is a proud partner of Silverbow resources

For more than 30 years, SilverBow Resources has operated in South Texas.

In this time, they have become a trusted leader in the oil and gas industry.

SilverTip Energy and SilverBow Resources have united to bring new growth and opportunities to South Texas.

We believe in domestic energy, the highest quality wells — and you.


Why Partner With Us?

We work for you. Our mission is to maximize the value of your property. Every step of the deal process is managed with efficiency and transparency by our team of land professionals.

Cutting out the middle man saves you time. When you work with SilverTip Energy, you are dealing directly with our trusted partner, SilverBow Resources.

Proven track record. For more than three decades, our partner SilverBow Resources has been a top-tier oil and gas operator in South Texas. Drilling high-quality wells and taking care of your property is what they do best.


Get More Value Out of Your Property

Are you a landowner interested in selling or leasing your minerals?

We are currently operating in South Texas. If you own assets in that region, send us a message to get in touch with one of our land professionals.

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